What is Long Tail Magic and what can it do for you?

Long Tail Magic is a tool for Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers, Web Site Developers, Web Site Owners who do any kind of business on the web - Sell Leads, Affiliate Products, Own Products - Digital (ebooks, softwares, etc), Retail, Or simply run adsense on your site to generate an income. This product is for anyone who wants to know how to do better business on the web.

Though however, some terms used in this letter might sound "too technical" for some, but if this is the case for you, do not worry, because even if you do not know ANYTHING about what I am talking about, you can still use this software without any problem at all.

Long Tail Magic will allow you to do the following:

1. Get a list of all the "SEARCH PHRASES" and "Long Tail Keywords" your users used to come to your website.
This feature along can help you in several ways.

a) You can use this list and advertise on it using the Exact Match and save the money you would spend / or you are already spending, on Broad Match Keywords.
b) You can get a fair idea of what your visitors are really looking for.
An exmaple of statement b), let's say you have a website with the Niche - Buy and Sell Cars. You may notice that since you are advertising on keywords like New Car or Used Car, you are still getting traffic for people who are searching for New Car Insurance or Used Car Insurance. Now, when this user comes to your site, he/she doesn't find what he/she is looking for and he/she leaves.
You can take advantage of this situation in two ways
i) you can add some nice car insurance affiliate offer to your site and get paid for what is not giving you a dime yet.
ii) you can add the word insurance as a negative keyword in your campaign and not get any more hits as they do not pay you anything.
iii) You can create new content based on these search terms, post it on your site, and run adsense ads on it ...
You get the point, this information is really helpful in determining what your users are looking for so you can help them better.

c) You can modify your site, add some content, change some titles, headings, to match the need of your users. Helps in increasing your conversion rates.

d) You can use this data for Split Testing your site's landing pages / entry pages or even Sales Letter to increase your conversions. The theory here is, if you know what your users are searching for, it is a blessing for you because now all you have to do is, present them with what they are looking for and make a sale.

2. If you are selling digital products, or even physical products on your web site, this script will track the conversions for you. Yes, it does offer conversion tracking, but I highlighted Long Tail Keywords more because I think you can use that information to enhance your conversions, instead of the other way around.

So this tool not only tracks what your users are searching for, but it also keeps tracks of if that particular user converted into a sale or not. This gives you a fair idea of which keywords are converting into sales, and which ones are not. This feature works best if you have the landing page (or sales page) and the conversion page (or thank you page) on the same domain.

However, YES, this script will also work if you are promoting affiliate offers, but you have to place a code like Google Analytics code on the thank you page of the affiliate site.

This Feature again helps you in several ways and here is how:
a) You can now use the high conversion keywords, and use them for advertising on other search engines as well to maximize your profits.
b) You can bid on those Exact search phrases (or Long Tail Keywords) to lower your PPC bid costs that you are giving out currently.
c) You know how your site is performing, and gives you fair ideas of what you can try to increase the conversions.

3. See what web sites are sending traffic to you. AND are users from those sites converting or not :)
It is all about what is QUALITY traffic for you and what is NOT.

Very Interesting Example: On one site of mine, I am promoting an ebook on how to make money selling your photographs.
I get around 100 hits from Google.com (Organic) on this site each month.
I get around 20 hits from Flickr.com (my pictures).
I get around 200 hits from PPC on Google and MSN.
With this script I learnt (LEARNT BY ACCIDENT) that the highest conversions were from FLICKR. 80%. Why, because it was so relevant to the product.
I stopped PPC on all sites, and just started adding more links on Flickr ... and the traffic increased and so did the conversions.

These are very basic things, we usually keep looking for something major to help us generate money, but if we can fine tune ourselves into this simple kind of tracking, we can really take advantage of all our traffic sources and efforts.

The Great thing about this software:
If you have 1 web site, 20 web sites, 100 web sites or even 500 web sites. You can manage this tracking on ALL YOUR WEB SITES, from any one domain of yours. Which means you just need to install this software on one of your site, and it tracks all the web sites that you have. Making life so much easier, don't you think ?

You can get access to Long Tail Magic instantly and my "Get Started with Long Tail Magic" Guide will make sure you are up and running within the next few minutes .

As I mentioned above, I designed this tool by keeping YOU in mind, so here I am offering you a full installation package if you do not want to install this software yourself. Just select the appropriate preference in the dropdown box below.

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Please Note: The name you will see on your invoice will be Rase Solutions Inc, not Long Tail Magic.