Press Release: Software that will help business owners lower their cost during this recession. To be launched on November 24, 2008.

As most business owners try to lower their costs at various operation levels, there is a ray of hope for those who are spending exorbitant amounts on internet advertising including PPC, Text Links, Banner ads and other media. New software called Long Tail Magic will be launched on November 24, 2008 that will allow these businesses lower their cost of advertising and increase the conversion rates resulting in higher profits.

Main Release:
Long Branch, New Jersey (November 21, 2008). Raakesh Blokhra, President, Rase Solutions Inc (a New Jersey based company) today announced the launch date of his new web based software that will be known as Long Tail Magic.

Before you start wondering about the mystery behind the name of this software, Long Tail Keyword is an Internet terminology used to refer to the actual search phrase that visitors search on search engines like,,,, etc.

“The mission of this software is to help business owners understand the real importance of visitor data tracking, which will allow them to lower their advertising costs (on the internet) significantly. In this recession, we can take all the help that we can get to lower our costs, so this software will help thousands of business owners save a major chunk of money that they invest, while maintaining the same amount of traffic that they are getting” says Raakesh.

He adds, “Additionally, this software will let the business owners increase the quality of traffic that they are getting which will further result in a higher conversion rate allowing them to generate a higher income”.

Is Long Tail Magic something new to the industry?
Not really, there are a few other software that do almost what Long Tail Magic does, but the only difference is that Long Tail Magic is the simplest of all the tools available today. It is designed with an absolute newbie (another industry term, referred to starters on Internet Marketing) in mind hence it is very predictable.

Is this software for all businesses?
No. This software is specifically designed for businesses with a web site that advertises their products or services. Any business that does not have a website will not be able to take advantage of the benefits that this software offers.

How does this software help a business owner do better business?
Let’s take an example of a business that sells new cars. Most car dealerships are advertising on search engines to get the attention of users searching for new cars. Since you need to specify the keywords you want your ads to be displayed, the most common keyword in this case is “New Car”. Now, because there are several car dealerships that are bidding on the same keywords the cost pre click (CPC) goes up due to the competition. The highest bidder will have his ads on the top of the page. To compete with other car dealerships this business owner will have to increase his bids. Hence a high cost for every visitor that comes to your site. (On a keyword like New Car) the bid amounts could be anywhere from $2 to $20 per click.

By using Long Tail Magic, the business owner will be able to retrieve the actual search terms that the visitors of their site had searched for, so say he captures the long tail keywords – “Which new Car should I buy?”, “Quotes for New Car Insurance”.

In the above scenario, the car dealership can add the key phrase “Which new Car should I buy” to his campaign on these search engines as an EXACT MATCH TYPE, which would have a lot lower competition and low bid costs. This would eventually save him money that he was spending on advertising on BROAD MATCH TYPE – “New Car”.

Additionally, taking the example above, the dealership can identify a “NEGATIVE KEYWORD” – Insurance, and add it to the negative keywords list on their campaign. The word insurance is negative because the visitor is searching for insurance, but this car dealership does not sell insurance, hence they can stop paying for clicks on such keywords which will allow them to invest the money they saved on more high quality keywords.

This is just the very basic method of how the business can lower their cost of investment and increase traffic to their site.

Additionally the businesses could use these Long Tail Keywords to optimize their website more, which will help them increase their quality score, resulting in a lower CPC price.

How else can Long Tail Magic help these businesses?
Long Tail Magic offers conversion tracking and a simple (A/B) Split Testing ability to the users. Business can see which keywords are converting into sales and which ones are not, giving them a fair idea of where to invest money and where they can save. The conversion tracking data on Long Tail Magic also recommends the web sites who send you the highest quality referred traffic, web browsers that visitors use and more.

The Split testing feature allows you to alternate multiple web pages for each visitor that comes to your site, and after a set amount of visitors, it tells you which web page has a higher conversion rate. This process allows business to make sure they are able to retain as many visitors as possible and convert them into sales or leads.

A free ebook is being offered to people who would like to learn more about how tracking visitor data can help you do better business. To get access to this book visit

How much would Long Tail Magic cost?
While the benefits offered by Long Tail Magic are worth a lot more, we plan to sell it for a one time price of $147. This will make it affordable for majority businesses and the cost would be a fraction of the total savings that any business owner can accomplish. As an introductory price, Long Tail Magic will be offered for $97 to a limited amount of business who signup during the first few hours of the launch on November 24, 2008.

Does Long Tail Magic require professional installation?
This software needs to be installed on the website of the users but the installation is very simple. Anyone with very little experience can install this script themselves, but for those who can not, we will offer an installation package for a very nominal cost.

Launch information:
Long Tail Magic will be available for download at 12:00 PM, EST (Eastern Standard time (NY TIME)) on November 24, 2008 at The special introductory price will be in place at this time and after the limit has been reached, the price will go to the actual value of $147.

Official Website of Long Tail Magic:
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