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Congratulations for making your decision to get your hands on Long Tail Magic.

You can have Long Tail Magic installed on your site within the next few minutes and be on your way to tracking all the crucial visitor data that will help you become successful on the internet.

Besides getting your copy of Long Tail Magic, Here are some bonuses I am offering if you make your purchase now:


Raakesh.com Free Membership:
As a customer of Long Tail Magic you will automatically be enrolled as a Raakesh.com Member. All my members get a discount on all my products that I launch in the future.

Besides discounts, you also get a lot of freebie scripts and tools that I develop.


Affiliate Link Rotation Script:
This script allows you to alternate your affiliate landing page on an iframe allowing you to present your customers with more than one offers by using the promotion methods you currently use to get traffic to your site.
This allows you to pick up the high converting offers increasing your conversion rates.


Paypal Safe Download Script:
If you use paypal as your payment method once a user makes a payment, he has access to your success URL. This URL can be distributed to others via email and you will not even realize that your product is being downloaded by non-paying users.

The Paypal Safe Download Script lets you control this for good. A user can only download your product once and it prevents your success page url from being abused.


Life long Updates on Long Tail Magic:
As long as you are using Long Tail Magic, we will keep providing you free updates / upgrades keeping your version current.

I am serious about my products and the "Launch Day" is not the end of my work, it is actually the beginning. I will keep working on Long Tail Magic and make it a powerful tool, add new ideas, concepts, tracking reports and more.

As I mentioned above, I designed this tool by keeping YOU in mind, so here I am offering you a full installation package if you do not want to install this software yourself. Just select the appropriate preference in the dropdown box below.

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Please Note: The name you will see on your invoice will be Rase Solutions Inc, not Long Tail Magic.