About Raakesh Blokhra - Founder of Long Tail Magic

Long Tail Magic is not just any other product on the web, but rather a concept that has been the prime focus of Raakesh Blokhra, Founder or Long Tail Magic.

Long Tail Magic is designed to help entrepreneurs make higher profits by advertising their business online.

"To succeed in any online venture, your most powerful tool is the in-depth knowledge of your visitors, visitor trends and quality of your site / product. Long Tail Magic brings all this information to you with a very convenient and easy to use reporting platform.".

To encourage any business owner to use Long Tail Magic Analytics software, Raakesh is offering a limited 3 day free trial which will allow you to try the software before you buy it. It is important for you to see the tool in action to understand how intense and impacting this product can be for your business ventures. You can signup for your free account at Long Tail Magic / LTM_DEMO / Signup Page.

Raakesh is the designer of Affiliate Radar, Offer Vault and several other products catering to the Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Online Business industry.

To read more about Raakesh, his products, and bio, please visit www.Raakesh.com.